November 11, 2010

YAY for followers!

TWO more followers! That makes THREE! YAY! :) It really is the little things in life! haha. Anytime I get a new comment or follower, I make sure to announce this to my husband which of course gives him a laugh but the little things are what makes me happy. I promise to post more blogs soon! Everything has just been so hectic with shipping my stuff from GA to Italy, his stuff from Florida to Italy, and me making the trip down to Florida to be with him before we leave for Italy. Hopefully once we get over to Italy things will calm down. HA! What am I thinking..?? We will still have to find a place to live, get settled in, etc. PLUS we are moving right around the holidays. This should be interesting. At least I will have new and interesting adventures as a new Army wife to write about!

I also wanted to say a quick "Thank You" to all of our troops, past and present! God bless!

I am off to watch my husband play more Black Ops.. as if I haven't already done that for HOURS and HOURS since he got it. Boys and their toys!

Thank you again to my three awesome followers! Can't wait to have more! :)



  1. thanks for following my blog! and i was probably just excited as you about reaching '4'! haha. and yes my fiance will be commissioning into the Army as soon as we graduate. :)

  2. welcome to the milspouse blogging community! You'll see that even when your follower number hits upper double digits, you'll still get excited when you get a new follower. As a fellow Army wife stationed overseas, enjoy the ride and if you ever have questions, know there are plenty of us out here that have been in your shoes and may have some answers or advice for you!

  3. BlackOps has been forbidden at my house until further notice :)

  4. Hey there! Thanks for the follow :) Welcome to our little MilSpouse blog world! Have fun! And here is to a smooth transition overseas! If you have any questions, I am here!

  5. hey! you can definitely share my story. I wasn't quite sure what to say to her but I am so glad I decided to talk to her anyway. When I said I was a military wife too and she just grabbed me and hugged me I knew I had said something right. I hope I was able to bring her some comfort.